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New DCZ70 series high speed flatbed digital cutter
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New DCZ70 series high speed flatbed digital cutter

Name:New DCZ70 high speed flatbed digital cutter
Hot selling model: DCZ702516 DCZ701713 DCZ701310
Expansion function:AOKE CCD vision system
Equipped tool:oscillating knife, drag knife, pen, creasing tool
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DCZ70 series high speed flatbed digital cutter

New DCZ70 series high speed flatbed digital cutter have following merits such as more stable and artistic platform, higher accuracy and faster speed by adopting the brand new integrated machine design and a big step system optimization. The touch screen system can show more contents, and have clearer and friendly machine interface.

This machine can be used for cutting, creasing and drawing and is widely suitable for sample making or small scale production in packaging sector and manufacturing industries like corrugated box, color box, color printing, die cutting and the like. Materials like corrugated board, chipboard, foam board, plastic board, thin wood board, leather, cloth, etc, can be cut with our cutter. This product also called box sample maker, sample maker, Ads cutting machine, foam cutting machine, smart digital cutting system and so on, according to the different cutting material and application.

Main features:

Newly upgraded, have faster working experience.

Equipped with touch screen, friendly machine interface. 

Integrated machine design, more stable and artistic.

Cutting materials:

Corrugated paper, honeycomb board, card paper, foam, grey board, KT board, PVC expansion sheet etc.


This machine can be used to make samples, cut and small production in the industries such as Ads, Packaging, Display, Graphic and so on.


 Mode  NewDCZ702516  NewDCZ701713  NewDCZ701310
 Effective cutting area  2500*1600mm  1700*1300mm  1300*1000

 Oscillating knife、pen、creasing tool、drag knife 

 Smallest cutting diameter  6mm
 Max aped  1400mm/s 
 Driver  Servo


 Maximum cutting thickness  30mm 
 Data form  HPGL,DXF,PDF
 Voltage  220v±10% 50Hz 
 Data port  parallel port,serial port,USB port
 Option  AOKE CCD vision system, feeding and blanking system
 Occupy dimension(L*W*H)  3400*2460*1400mm   2600*2160*1400mm  2200*1860*1400mm
 Note  Other size can be customized.


Cutting samples:





    Display stand      Corrugated arts and crafts      




Chevron board      Honeycomb board V type slot 



AOKE CCD vision system,feeding and blanking system

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