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Saike shoe design and grading software
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Saike shoe design and grading software

Name: Saike shoe design and grading software
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Saike shoe design and grading software

Saike footwear design and grading software is used for shoes manufacturing. With the scanner or digitizer, a pattern or a hemihedral board can be inputted. The equipment can automatically add side from the hemihedral board. Folding sides accurately control the distance pressing side Different distance between two lines is shard single side-control of symmetric internal and external waist, thus making the grade more accurate. 


1 Saike footwear design and grading software can be used for disorderly arrange and allowance of pinholes of different size in bun shoe It not only can control the length and width of boots, but also the height of the heel of a sports-shoe 
2 It can be applied to sandals for fixing width or dividing sections of shoelace. The same form for curve in grade can be maintained. 
3 Both sole and sole model can adopt our product. Different distance of big and middle sole lines can be controlled. It also can be used to control the three sections of the heel width. The sole pattern figure can automatically fill with revising side line. In addition, it automatically dimensions each pattern to form a list, scientifically classifying and storing for searching convenience. 


Followed by fixed or width segmented grading


Lace width fixing and hole fixing grading




Sample common grading



The system of boots and shoes is higher than the special control of the surrounding area


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