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Common problem

Common problem


list the ordinary errors and measures




1、control box and light cannot work or just the light work when switch on the power.

Fuse was broken
Urgency switch is pressed
Data lines can not well contacted.

Change a new one.
Flick it.
Reconnect them.

2. In process, there is a heavier vibration of the machine.

No relate to the software, maybe there is another program is running.
The machine is not earthed well.
There is virus in the computer.
No high precision decontamination regulator.

Close the program.
earthed the machine
Install the virus-killer software. Cancel the software after kill the virus
Fix a high precision decontamination regulator.

3. Sample cannot completely superposition.

X, Y deviation value have been edited.

Recover config or readjust the X,Y deviation value of SP1、SP2、SP3.

4. sample cannot be cut or just be cut on surface

The depth of knife not enough
Knife not sharp enough
Cutting speed too fast
Frequency of vibration knife is too low.Sample paper is wet

Adjust tool’s depth
Change another knife
Adjust cutting speed
Adjust the voltage regular in the control box according to the thickness of material, generally it is 36v.
Use the standard material.

5. Cannot import the entire figure or just import single type of color.

Not save it when edit the colors of the figure.

Save it after edit the figure.

6. knife always broken

The angle of knife is wrong
The depth of the knife is wrong
The fixed-screw of the knife is not screw down.
The type of knife is not match with the material.

Recover default or readjust the angle of knife
Adjust the depth of tools
Screw down the fixed-screw of the knife.
Change another knife, which can cut this kind of material.

7、 The creasing line is not clear or material was crushed or the knife tool can not pull up or down.

The pressure is too heavy or too strong
The type of the wheel is not match with the material.
The pipe leak air.

Adjust their pressure
Choose the right wheel according to the thickness of the material.Change the spare air pipe.


Protective function (detail of error code)

Protective function

Error code No.



Control power supply under-voltage protection


Voltage between P and N of the converter portion of the control supply has fallen below the specified value.

1. Power supply voltage is low. Instantaneous power failure has occurred..
2. Lack of power capacity…power supply voltage has fallen down due to inrush current at the main power-on.
3. Failure of servo driver.

Measure the voltage between lines of connector( L1C、L2C )and terminal block (R、T).

  1. Increase the power capacity. Change the power supply.
  2. Increase the power capacity.
  3. Replace the driver with a new one.

Over-voltage protection


  1. Power supply voltage has exceeded the permissible input voltage. Voltage surge due to the phase-advancing capacitor or UPS (uninterruptible power supple) have occurred.
  2. Disconnection of the regeneration discharge resistor.
  3. External regeneration discharge resistor is not appropriate and couldn’t absorb the regeneration energy.
  4. Failure of servo driver(failure of the circuit)
  1. Enter correct voltage. Recover a phase-advancing capacitor.
  2. Measure the resistance of the external resistor connected between terminal P and B of the driver.
  3. Change to the one with specific resistance and wattage.
  4. Replace the driver with a new one.

Main power supply under-voltage protection


  1. Power supply voltage is low. Instantaneous power failure has occurred.
  2. Instantaneous power failure has occurred.
  3. Lack of power capacity…power supply voltage has fallen down due to inrush current at the main power on.
  4. Phase lack…3-phase input driver has been operated with single phase input.
  5. Failure of servo (failure of the circuit)
  1. Increase the power capacity, change the power supply. Remove the cause of the shutdown of the magnetic contactor or the main power supply, then re-enter the power.
  2. Set up the longer time to Pr6D(main power off detecting time),set up each phase of the power correctly.。
  3. Increase the power capacity. For the capacity, refer to “drive and list of applicable peripheral equipments” of Preparation.
  4. Connect each phase of the power supply(L1, L2 and L3)correctly. For single phase, 100v and 200v driver, use L1 and L3.
  5. Replace the driver with a new one.

Over-current protection


  1. Failure of servo driver(failure of the circuit, IGBT or other components)
  2. Short of the motor wire.
  3. Earth fault of the motor wire.
  4. Burnout of the motor.
  5. Poor contact of the motor wire.
  6. Melting of the relays for dynamic brake due to frequent Servo-ON/OFF operation.
  7. The motor is not applicable to the driver.
  8. Timing of pulse input is same as or earlier than Servo-On.
  1. Turn to Servo-On, while disconnecting the motor, if error occurs immediately, replace with a new driver.
  2. Check that the motor wire (U, N and W) is not shorted, and check the branched out wire out of the connector. Make a correct wiring connection.
  3. Measure the insulation resistance between motor wires, U, V, W and earth wire. In case of poor insulation, replace the motor.
  4. Check the balance of resister between each motor line, and if unbalance is found, replace the motor.
  5. Check the loose connectors. If they are, or pulled out, fix them securely.
  6. Replace the driver. Prohibit the run/stop operation with Servo-On/Off.
  7. Check the name plate and capacity of the motor and driver, and replace with motor applicable to the driver.
  8. Enter the pulse 100ms or longer after Servo-ON.

Over-load protection


  1. Load was heavy and actual torque has exceeded the torque and kept running for a long time.
  2. Oscillation and hunching action due to poor adjustment.
  3. Miswiring, disconnection of the motor.
  4. Machine has collided or the load has gotten heavy, machine has been distorted.
  5. Electromagnetic  brake has been kept engaged.
  6. While wiring multiple axes, miswiring has occurred by connecting the motor cable to other  axis.
  1. Increase the capacity of the driver and the motor. Set up longer acceleration/deceleration time. Lower the load.
  2. Make a re-adjustment.
  3. Make a wiring as per the wiring diagram. Replace the cables.
  4. Remove the cause of distortion. Lower the load.
  5. Measure the voltage between brake terminals. Release the brake.
  6. Make a correct wiring by matching the correct motor and encode wires.

Encode communication error protection


Communication between the encode and the driver has been interrupted in certain times, and disconnection detecting function has been triggered.

Make a wiring connection of the encode as per the wiring diagram. Correct the miswiring of the connector pins. Note that the encode cable to be connected to CN X6.

Other error

Other No.

Control circuit has malfunctioned due to excess noise or other causes.
Some error has occurred inside of the driver while triggering self-diagnosis function of the driver.

Turn off the power once, then re-enter.
If error repeats, this might be a failure.
Stop using the products, and replace the motor and the driver. Return the products to the dealer or manufacture.

Note: Hereinbefore, just list the ordinary errors and measures, for the other errors, please contract with the dealer or Xinao sales and support office.

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