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  • Name: GD series costume pattern cutt...
  • Hot selling model: GD1209,GD1509,GD1512
  • Expansion function:
  • Equipped tool: special knife, pen
  • Main cutting material:
  • Application:

GD series costume pattern cutting plotter

The GD series costume pattern cutting plotter is particularly suitable for the industry with high requirement on the cutting and plotting accuracy of the machine It is generally used for making costume pattern with the materials such as white paperboard, craft board, red hardboard, and so om This flatbed cutting machine is an ideal tool for costume sample maker. Our costume pattern cutting plotter is configured with plotting pen and special cutting knife, capable of completing cutting and plotting in one time. Compatible with any CAD software, this costume pattern plotting machine can receive the drawing from the CAD software for cutting and plotting. This product also called costume pattern cutting machine, plotter, cloth sample making machine and so on, according to the different cutting material and application.
Main features:

The imported steel belt drive makes for high accuracy and fast processing speed. 
The stable performance is conducive to the high convenience and low failure rate of the costume pattern cutting plotter. 
Optimal compatibility ensures perfect combination with any CAD software.

Cutting materials:
Card paper, kraft paper

Cloth and other drawing and cutting application.


 Mode  GD1209  GD1509  GD1512
 Effective cutting area  1200*900mm  1500*900mm  1500*1200

 Special knife, pen  

 Way of fixing paper way  Vacuum absorbing
 Max speed  1000mm/s 
 Driving material  Import steel belt
 Cut materials  Red hard paper、plastic board、white board、kraft paper 
 Driver  Step motor
 Cutting way  Drawing by pen、half cutting、whole cutting
 Cutting precision 


 cutting thickness  0.5-2mm 
 Data form  HPGL,DXF,PDF
 Working time and character  Continuous work, operating computer and cutting at the same time, linear high-speed  transmission for data.
 Voltage  220v±10% 50Hz 
 Transmitting port  International standards: parallel port/RSC232 serial port 
 Instruction set  International standards: HP-GL or DXF form can be selected selected, It is compatible with  all kinds of CAD software
 Pen type   General signing pen, oil pen, ball pen 
 Main structure   Cutting platform、head、driving system、control cabinet、control micro computer,frame、vacuum pump 
 Fuse standard  5A
 Occupy dimension(L*W*H)  1635*1365*1080mm  1935*1365*1080mm  1935*1665*1080mm
 Note  Other size can be customized.


Clothing sample    Garment pattern drawing  Garment pattern design   
Clothing design  Clothing sample  Clothing sample 

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