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As more and more new printers are produced, many kinds of personalized printing, display, ads, ideas come out one after the other. AOKE flatbed cutter is able to perfectly cut the pre-printed figure out of the printed sheets. This application is mainly used for cutting samples of color boxes and other printed materials Suitable for small scale production, our flatbed cutter can achieve high-precision cutting with the laser positioning technology. Vision registration system is optional to be configured to our flatbed cutter for more accurate and efficient. 

The main cutting materials are stickers, foam, card paper, honeycomb board, PP, PVC expansion sheet, acrylic etc. Graphic and display flatbed digital cutter is designed for individualized display materials. Equipped with flatbed UV, it can form a small assembly line from printing to manufacturing, and realizes individualized display effect. What’s more, it can inject vigor and vitality for marketing and advertisement, making the advertisement more attractive. Cutting machines for sign and display industry we offer cover the DCH30, DCH50, DCZ70, DCZ7X, DCZ7XR and DCZ7XRS series. The DCH30 and DCH50 ones are mainly used to cut sticker and sign materials while the DCZ70, DCZ7X and OCZ7XR ones are used to cut advertisement materials, like honeycomb board, PP, foam etc Besides card paper, PVC box, sticker and advertisement materials, the DCZ7XRS cutter can also cut hard materials such as acrylic and cigarette packet. The machines are also known as sticker cutter, foam cutting machine, honeycomb board digital cutter, KT board cutting machine, PVC cutting machine, Ads digital cutter, router and so on according to different cutting materials. 




Application examples:

KT   Display stand  KT shaped plate   
Acrylic  Chevron board  Schafer printing plate 
Chevron board cutting PP Honeycomb corrugated board

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