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AOKE packaging application digital cutter is designed to help you win the market by meeting the requirements toward both fashion and individuation in the packaging industry which is a traditional sector with prospect market. And it offers high quality products quickly. As the first domestic independently developed packaging die, it has been identified as the national key new product. Aiming at the die industry, the digital cutter can achieve high precision die drawing, sample die making as well as small scale individualized box production. This cutting machine features high sample making efficiency, low cutting cost and “what pau see is what you get” All these advantages enable you to have more chance to get large orders from customers. Our digital cutter is suitable for making samples of corrugated box, cardboard box, plastic box, etc. DCH series is mainly used for sample making of thin materials like plastic boxes, card boxes, etc. DCZ series has more comprehensive applications, for instance, it also can be applied to thick materials such as corrugated board and grey board 

According to the class of cutting materials, we recommend customers the following cutting machines: DCHIO, DCH30, DCH50, DCZ70, DCZ7X and DCZ7XR series. The DCH10, DCH30, and DCH50 series cutting machines are appropriate for high- precision die drawing as well as white box and plastic box fabrication. The DCZ70, DCZ7X and DCZ7XR ones are mainly used for corrugated box, honeycomb bard and carton box packaging. These machine are also call box sample maker, carton sample cutting machine, corrugated paper cutting machine, die cutting plotter etc. 




Application examples:

Packaging    Fast food and paper box (bag) Corrugated paper   
Gift box Boutique box  Honeycomb corrugated board 
Carton design
Reticule Craft gift box

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