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list the ordinary errors and measures




1、control box and light cannot work or just the light work when switch on the power.

Fuse was broken
Urgency switch is pressed
Data lines can not well contacted.

Change a new one.
Flick it.
Reconnect them.

2. In process, there is a heavier vibration of the machine.

No relate to the software, maybe there is another program is running.
The machine is not earthed well.
There is virus in the computer.
No high precision decontamination regulator.

Close the program.
earthed the machine
Install the virus-killer software. Cancel the software after kill the virus
Fix a high precision decontamination regulator.

3. Sample cannot completely superposition.

X, Y deviation value have been edited.

Recover config or readjust the X,Y deviation value of SP1、SP2、SP3.

4. sample cannot be cut or just be cut on surface

The depth of knife not enough
Knife not sharp enough
Cutting speed too fast
Frequency of vibration knife is too low.Sample paper is wet

Adjust tool’s depth
Change another knife
Adjust cutting speed
Adjust the voltage regular in the control box according to the thickness of material, generally it is 36v.
Use the standard material.

5. Cannot import the entire figure or just import single type of color.

Not save it when edit the colors of the figure.

Save it after edit the figure.

6. knife always broken

The angle of knife is wrong
The depth of the knife is wrong
The fixed-screw of the knife is not screw down.
The type of knife is not match with the material.

Recover default or readjust the angle of knife
Adjust the depth of tools
Screw down the fixed-screw of the knife.
Change another knife, which can cut this kind of material.

7、 The creasing line is not clear or material was crushed or the knife tool can not pull up or down.

The pressure is too heavy or too strong
The type of the wheel is not match with the material.
The pipe leak air.

Adjust their pressure
Choose the right wheel according to the thickness of the material.Change the spare air pipe.


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