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Service concept

Highest Quality, Quickest Speed, Best Service!
Trust derives from service and results in marketing!

Pre-sales Service
The factory is responsible for training operators of cutting machine and CAD software for customers. Even those have little knowledge on computer, clothing and footwear can be able to master CAD/CAM system essential technologies to become qualified operators after our short-period trainings. Training in our factory and direct training are both acceptable.

Mid-sales Service
The factory is responsible for free on-site installation, commissioning of full set of equipment, conducting field operation and demonstration until normal operation of equipment and customers’ satisfaction.

After-sales Service
On account of different products, we make commitment to customers of 1-2 years free repair and life-long maintenance. If the equipment fails, our technical personnel can be sent at request for troubleshooting. And the factory will send technical staff to conduct regular visits to customers for timely equipment maintenance to keep products’ proper functioning.

Any damage or failure resulting from improper operation or equipment dismantlement in breach of rules and regulations shall be excluded from free repair and maintenance.