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The light guide plate cover engraving machine

Our LGP V-cutter is specially developed for LGP light box industry. It is applicable for super-thin light box and crystal light box. Compared to the traditional cutters, it has higher processing speed and precision. In addition, it is more environmentally friendly than the laser cutter. LGP processed by our V-cutter is of good quality and transmits uniform light. The cutters mainly suitable for LGP light box is DCS70 series.

Then lampshade cutting machine is developed for the sampling and dieless batch production for imitation sheepskin lampshade, PVC lampshade, PP lampshade and so on. Specially suit for making, cutting, plotting the many irregular lampshade of palace lampshade, flat stick lampshade and PS cloth stick lampshade. It can process the materials such as 1.5mm thick imitation sheepskin, PVC, PP. etc. The manly cutter is DCH10 and DCH30 series. The machine also called LGP V cut, LGP cutter, lampshade cutter apart from different cutting materials.

DCS70 DCH10  DCH30


Application examples:

Outdoor light box    The light guide plate  The light guide plate   
Shaped light guide plate  Indoor light box  The light guide plate 
Leather cover Gongtingzhao PP chimney