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Garment and textile cutting machine

   AOKE textile cutting plotter specially provides apparel industry with a complete set of cutting solution from apparel pattern cutting to multilayer flatbed cutting. It has greatly improved the efficiency compared to the traditional manual sample making. The DCF11 series sewing pattern cutter is another revolutionary product developed by our company, apart from the former pattern cutters. With this sewing pattern cutter, even the green hand worker is able to reach the standardized production requirement in the sewing procedure. In this way, costume enterprise can improve its product quality without relying on skilled workers. Through continually updating, our product enjoys sound reputation in the sector. As a supplement to the multi-layer cutting system, the low-layer cutting system is suitable for various cutting applications due to its high cutting speed and cutting accuracy. We offer the GD, DCF11, DCF7X and DCF7XR series cutting system used in textile industry.  Among these models, the GD and DCE30 series are used for costume pattern cutting and The DCF11 series is mainly for sewing template. TheDCF7X, and DCF7XR cutting systems are appropriate for cutting low-layer and low-layer cloth. This machine also known as pattern cutting plotter, inkjet cutter plotter, plotter, template mould cutter, flatbed cutting machine, single-layer cutting system, low-layer cutting system due to the different customer.



Application examples:

Clothing sample    Cutting and drawing  Garment sample cutting   
Acrylic engraving  Acrylic  cloth 
Model design Garment cutting Leather, cloth