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Gasket sealing ring industry cutting system

AOKE gasket cutter are maturely used in the gasket industry, specially according to their own characters and customers’ small quantity producing requirements, we developed and optimized the mechanical and the software parts. With the special and professional tools, they can cut the materials perfectly, therefore expand the cutting of the materials’ variety and ranges. It can be applied to meet the requirements who not only need small quantity but also long working time. They can cut the graphite gaskets and rubber gaskets smoothly and nicety, and they are the favor cutters by the customers in valve and pipe industries. Compared with the other similar cutters, its mechanical parts are more stable and the cutting samples are nicer. 

The main type are DCF7X and DCF7XR series. The digital cutter also named as graphite gasket digital cutter, rubber gasket cutting system, gasket cutting machine etc.



Application examples

Washer    rubber  Concave and convex gasket   
Graphite gasket  Engine GASKET  Polyethylene gasket 
Aluminum foil gasket Connecting rod spacer Hard gasket