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Composite material industry cutting system

  With the development of the economy and technology, a variety of materials and its application must emerge in an endless stream. New material technology definitely diversify the cutting application requires. AOKE composite materials digital flatbed cutter could meet the market’s demand in its merits “high speed”, ”low cost”, ”big profit”, ”convenient edition”. As per industry characteristics, we recommend the following machine for customers’ option, DCF7X series and DCF7XR series. The main cutting material of this industry are, glass fiber, carbon fiber, canvas, asbestos, sporting goods etc. The composite digital cutter also called glass fiber digital cutter, carbon fiber digital cutter, canvas digital cutter, asbestos digital cutter, and so on according to different cutting materials. 



Application examples:

Super fiber leather    cloth  glass fibre   
carbon fibre  Car cover  Explosion proof film 
Sound insulation cotton Insulating film Fire resistant cotton