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Automotive interior industry cutting system

  In order to catch up with the booming development of automotive industry, our company has developed the DCF60, DCF7X and DCF7XR series flatbed digital cutters suitable for automotive interior decoration industry. These flatbed cutters are able to cut automotive interior materials such as seat, lining and car mat in bulk. It can accomplish accurate cutting based on the designed CAD drawings. Featuring high cutting speed, high precision and easy cutting size modification, our flatbed cutter is an important tool for customers to improve production efficiency and gain more market shares. These machine are also named as car mat cutter, car seat and cover cutting machine, cushion cutting machine, and EVA cutting machine etc.



Application examples:

Leather seat    Super fiber leather  Wire ring pad   
Car sticker  Surrounded by foot  synthetic leather seat covers 
Automotive interior Tail box pad Wire ring leather synthetic mat